Bucket List: Highlights

Picture Book Boot Camp Redux at Highlights, November 2018

Picture Book Boot Camp Redux at Highlights, November 2018

Highlights has been on my bucket list since I started writing children’s books. It’s one of those storied places where I imagined writers emerge from tiny cabins, blinking at the sunlight and clutching finished pages. In November not only did I get to spend five days at Highlights, I got to be there with the likes of Jane Yolen, Heidi Stemple, and 20 fellow Picture Book Boot Camp alums. Pinch me!

Highlights did not disappoint. It has everything an idyllic writing environment should contain:

  • A good chair & desk

  • Coffee (lots)

  • Snacks

  • Other quiet writing areas (cozy nook or couch, anyone?)

  • Snacks

  • Natural light (lots)

  • Books (lots)

  • Nature (lots)

  • More snacks

  • Tea

  • Writing people

  • Delicious meals prepared by someone else (the importance of this cannot be overstated)

By design, Highlights nurtures you so you can nurture your stories. When you don’t have to think about all the “to dos” of daily life, you’re free—even encouraged!—to wander around as long as you like in the fog of creativity. And when you happen to be there with 20 other picture book writers, the collective energy finds its way into your heart and pen. It is indeed a very special place.